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ii-4.0 Software Suite
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Our New
Inline Placement Modules

Now you can handle every production challenge

See our new modules …

Our New
Inline Placement Modules

See our new modules …

How can we help you?

Europlacer are an award winning, global SMT line solution provider, with over 50 years of proud heritage.We deliver flexibility, reliability and innovation to the SMT pick and place marketplace with our elegant solutions to complex technical challenges.

With our diverse range of surface mount line solutions you can maximise your productivity and significantly reduce your downtime.





Products and Solutions for

AerospaceDefenceLED Lighting5G EquipmentMedicalGreen TechnologyAutomotiveComputingCommunications

With our broad range of SMT line products, you can be assured we have a productivity solution to suit your needs.

From storage to PCB printing to placement and inspection, build an efficient line with our products.

Complete Line Solutions

Ideas are getting ever larger and components ever smaller.

Our screen printers can provide the technical and productivity solutions you need.

Screen Printers

Automatic component placement is at the heart of every surface mount assembly line.

Europlacer machines are renowned worldwide for their outstanding flexibility.

Pick and Place

Europlacer storage solutions comprise a highly flexible and expandable range of component, oddform, PCB and tool storage cabinets that intelligently manage items for rapid employment.


From intuitive graphical interfaces to real time process monitoring, traceability and stock management, Europlacer software will keep you in control and maximise your efficiency.


What our Customers say

Tempo Automation
PPI Time Zero
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The support and training package and on-going service that we were offered worked really well for us on the first line we bought, so it was an obvious extension to choose Europlacer moving forward because their offering was so differentiated from that of the competition.

Steve Pittom, Jaltek

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Frost & Sullivan Global Placement Company of the Year Award

Electronics Industry Award 2018 Product of the Year

Electronics Industry Award 2018 for Service

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BDO LLP Top Performing Company of the Year 2018

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