Lucky Number 8 Pick & Place Service Excellence Award for Europlacer

Categories: Press ReleasesBy Published On: April 12, 2021

Lucky Number 8 Pick & Place Service Excellence Award for Europlacer

While the number eight is recognized as the luckiest number in China, it is now a lucky number for Europlacer, thanks to the company’s unprecedented eighth consecutive Service Excellence Award win in the Pick & Place category from respected industry publication, Circuits Assembly. This year, the award ceremony took place online as coronavirus continues to alter the business landscape, but with the award highlighting exemplary customer service, it is as meaningful as ever.


The awards program is widely recognized as a premier industry endorsement. Independent auditors review detailed feedback from a wide selection of customers of each participating organisation. The assessment uses a methodology that evaluates and compares attainment across five specific categories: dependability & timely delivery, manufacturing quality, responsiveness, technology and value for money.

“While the ceremony had to be conducted online, this eighth award is no less virtual for it,” says John Perrotta, Group Sales and Service Officer at Europlacer. “Having again come out on top for the Pick & Place title, we look forward to adding the real trophy to our Europlacer showcase.”

Perotta points out that despite the lucky eighth award, Europlacer’s customer service is not a question of luck but a conscious focus that is a key differentiator for Europlacer and is often cited as such by the company’s customers. The organization uses the customer feedback from the awards survey to continuously refine its service delivery and to inform its R&D initiatives.

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