Three New Distribution Websites Signify Fresh Commitment to Full Line Solutions across Europe

Categories: Press ReleasesBy Published On: June 20, 2019

The Blakell Europlacer Group has launched three new websites to promote its focus on the provision of full SMT assembly line solutions for key markets across Germany, France and the UK. The new websites feature comprehensive portfolios of products from carefully selected business partners that augment the company’s own screen printers from Speedprint, and placement and intelligent storage systems from Europlacer.

In Germany, the Solutions business is new and based at the Europlacer and Speedprint office in Glauberg. In France, the Solutions hub is based at Europlacer’s manufacturing HQ in Rocheserviere. In the UK, the Solutions business operates from Europlacer’s administrative centre and Speedprint manufacturing facility in Poole, Dorset. In all cases, the Solutions businesses deliver direct service and support for all products in the portfolios provided by Europlacer’s own highly-trained personnel.

The three new websites detail the comprehensive range of SMT product solutions tailored to each geographic region and available through Europlacer’s own local networks. The websites are designed to operate effectively across all screen sizes on computers and mobile devices.

The origin of Europlacer’s full line solutions business dates back almost a decade. To complement its own renowned placement, screen printing and intelligent storage brands, in 2010 the company chose to add full-line capability by choosing premium SMT equipment from carefully selected manufacturers. The expertise and process knowledge needed to supply and support its own high-end SMT platforms is readily translated to a broader equipment base.

“I am delighted to report that our established specialist Solutions businesses in France and the UK are growing rapidly, with the new German operation destined to catch up fast in Europe’s largest market,” says Andy Jones, Business Development & UK Sales Manager at Blakell Europlacer. “By partnering with carefully selected and trusted principals to offer premium products, and choosing to invest in training our own staff to deliver direct applications, process and service support across all the equipment ranges, I believe we provide a uniquely compelling solution to our manufacturing customers in each region.”

“This ‘single source for everything’ is a very attractive proposition to busy manufacturers across each territory, especially as it’s backed by our multi-award-winning customer service,” Jones continues. “The new websites give a much clearer picture of the comprehensive full line Solutions services we offer.”

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