Service Excellence Awards for Europlacer

Categories: NewsBy Published On: February 15, 2019

A Solid Six: Record Number of Consecutive Service Excellence Awards for Europlacer.

Europlacer has continued its record-breaking winning run by taking a sixth consecutive Service Excellence Award in the Pick & Place category from respected industry publication, Circuits Assembly. The award presentation ceremony took place on the first morning of this year’s APEX Expo in San Diego. The top Pick & Place category award was received by John Perrotta, President of Europlacer Americas.

These annual premier industry awards are assessed using real customer data. Judges use objective surveys among a selection of each company’s customers to obtain critical feedback on key business relationship attributes that include dependability, quality, responsiveness, technology and price value. They also scrutinize detailed comments to support the rating given by interviewees.

“It is incredibly satisfying to secure an unprecedented sixth Service Excellence Award, which fully justifies our company-wide philosophy of building the entire business around customer service,” says Perrotta. “It’s not a slogan or a promise, we really do this, and a sixth award proves it,” he adds. “Best of all, it’s great to learn that Europlacer achieved the top grade in every section of the assessment in the SEA Pick & Place category.”

As in past years, Perrotta will seize the opportunity to review the latest feedback from Europlacer’s customers in detail. “At Europlacer, we look to our customers to validate the direction we take with our product and service developments,” he explains. “Feedback from the award program is just one of the mechanisms we employ to ensure that we hear our customers and act accordingly. Judging by this sixth Service Excellence Award, it’s plain to see that this business model supports our success.”

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