Our SMT Pick and Place Machines

We design for flexibility. Our SMT pick and place robot can adapt as your business needs change without sacrificing output or quality. Our high-mix assembly products are capable and sustainable, explore their function in more detail below.

Europlacer atom


The high speed placement machine atom takes Europlacer’s legendary flexibility to new heights, with speeds up to 104,000 CPH and wide device ranges.

atom 3
atom 4
Europlacer iineo +


Technically speaking, iineo+ is a multi function SMT Pick and Place platform , with the highest level of flexibility and feeder count in the industry.

iineo+ I
iineo+ II
Europlacer xpii +


Our xpii+ pick and place machine is a refreshing new approach to modular pick and place. Benefit from all the capability of iineo+ in a compact space.

xpii+ I
xpii+ II

Europlacer Concept of Integrated IntelligenceTM

The under-girding principle of the Europlacer concept is that of Integrated Intelligence. Many SMT pick and place manufacturers are today adding features (such as intelligent feeders) to their machines in an attempt to make them more attractive to a market which cannot be certain about its future needs. This is too little too late! Simply “bolting on” an intelligent feeder will not make a machine flexible if it has not been designed to be used that way. The flexibility may appear to be there in theory but this is not generally usable in practice.

Europlacer’s Integrated Intelligence is defined by the fact that the machines have been designed to be flexible from the outset. All aspects of the machine architecture (axis configuration, feeder inventory, turret head technology, software control, programming system, etc) have been designed to work together with intelligent feeders in a changing environment – this is truly Integrated Intelligence. As a result, Europlacer machines release usable productivity in day-to-day performance.