iineo+ Boosts Electronics Manufacturing on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast.

Categories: Press ReleasesBy Published On: February 15, 2019

iineo+ Boosts Electronics Manufacturing on Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast.

IoT and networking technology innovator TeCoSys chooses Europlacer’s flexible multi-function Pick & Place platform for its industry-leading capability, capacity and efficiency.

TeCoSys of Bulgaria has chosen Europlacer’s iineo+ multi-function pick and place platform to power the company’s growth as a high-tech OEM and manufacturing services provider. Based in the university town of Varna, which is also Bulgaria’s major port on the Black Sea coast, TeCoSys began as a driver of digital telecom transformation in Bulgaria through the 1990s. Now a force in today’s rapidly growing networking, IoT, and building-automation markets, the company is expanding its OEM product range and strengthening its position as a provider of high-tech manufacturing services.

To this end it is setting up a completely new factory equipped with the latest inline surface-mount assembly equipment. Investing in iineo+ is a key aspect of this program. With its high accuracy, large feeder capacity and flexibility to assign any component from any feeder to any nozzle, iineo+ extends capability and throughput, simplifies equipment setup and management, and allows fast, efficient product changeovers.

“We are building boards ranging from large networking linecards to tiny wireless IoT modules, and any of these assemblies can contain challenging components such as SMD passives in the smallest commonly used sizes as well as chip-scale and QFN IC packages,” explains Svetoslav Hristov, TeCoSys co-founder. “We needed to extend our placement capability to work with these smaller parts. Moreover, we wanted to increase capacity, to handle higher-volume orders, while at the same time enhancing efficiency.”

After the TeCoSys team had considered all the company’s needs, including increased capability, capacity, flexibility, and of course reliability, the analysis showed Europlacer’s iineo+ to be the most suitable option that “ticked all the boxes”. The decision was made.

The iineo+ machine was supplied through Lenax, Europlacer’s distributor for Bulgaria. Lenax founder Lenko Kabaivanov helped TeCoSys identify the right equipment to meet its needs. “Lenko arranged for us to visit other electronics manufacturers running high-speed inline equipment, to help us understand the choices available and their likely performance,” comments Hristov. “This enabled us to make our decision based on trusted first-hand experience as well as our own analysis.

The sale is doubly exciting for Kabaivanov as Europlacer is Lenax’s first account for new SMT equipment and the TeCoSys iineo+ the first direct Europlacer sale into Bulgaria. “I knew about the expansion plans at TeCoSys, and began researching equipment to meet those needs,” explains Kabaivanov. “By growing Lenax and being appointed by Europlacer, we were ready when TeCoSys wanted to invest.”

“Choosing iineo+ to expand and enhance our production capabilities has strengthened our position in markets across Europe,” Hristov summarises. “We can respond to new opportunities more confidently than ever before and offer faster turnaround for larger orders while at the same time ensuring extremely high end-of-line yield and quality. I am delighted with the equipment and the service we have received from Lenko and the team at Europlacer.”

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