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Level-up your line

The sole purpose of the high speed SMT modular placement system ii-A2 is to bring balance to the SMT assembly line. Equipped with a pair of high-speed Pulsar pipette heads, this machine acts as a chipshooter to take on the workload from other Europlacer machines in the line.

Integrated Intelligence
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With placement speeds up to 50,000cph, the ii-A2 levels up the line by providing a resource that optimizes the placement process while maximizing the performance and throughput of Europlacer machines downstream. It has a feeder capacity of 164 x 8mm positions and handles components from 01005 profiles to 13mm x 13mm x 7mm dimensions – all in a compact module footprint. The high speed SMT modular placement system ii-A2 is designed to deliver fast, fully intelligent and highly integrated productivity. ii-A2 is fully compatible with all relevant atom platform innovations and options, and with all Europlacer intelligent feeder technologies. It features Europlacer’s patented intelligent conveyor with board stops under full software control. Despite the compact module format, ii-A2 can handle boards up to one meter (39 inches) in length.


  • PCB sizes – up to 1088mm x 460mm / 510 mm (without camera+nozzles at rear) / 715 mm (without feeder at rear)
  • 2 x Pulsar pipette heads with 8 placement smart nozzles
  • 164 x 8mm
  • 01005 to 13 x 13mm components
  • Component height – 7mm
  • Electrical component testing with independently verifiable calibration (UKAS / NIST / PTB…etc)*
  • Glue dispenser, Glue/paste Dispenser with Auger valve*
  • Every nozzle position can place all and any component types, for real line balancing and no limitations
  • Odd form & smart nozzle banks *

* Option

Available options:

Up to 2x ‘fly over’ high resolution digital camera at rear, Up to 2x additionnal 40 positions nozzle magazines at rear, Motorization of conveyor width adjustment, HeavyPCB kit for conveyor (10 kgs), Wide pcb kit 715mm (with no feeder at the rear), Rear operating station, Keyboard, mouse, support, Offline preparation, Stock Management, Full Traceability, PROMON Software, Barcode feeders, Bulk feeders, Ball feeders for BGAs, Flux feeder & PoP processing

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Integrated Intelligence
Unparalleled Support
Flexible Solutions

Many manufacturers are now adding intelligent features to their machines – this is too little too late! ‘Bolt-ons’ will not make a machine flexible if it has not been designed to be used that way.

Europlacer’s Integrated Intelligence machines have been designed to be flexible from the outset. All aspects of the architecture have been designed to work together in a changing environment.

This is truly Integrated Intelligence for productivity in day-to-day performance.

Europlacer not only provide machines for SMT lines, we can deliver the complete line solution.

From storage to printing, pick and place to inspection, we have got you covered!

Take a look at our full range of pick and place line solutions.

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Europlacer provides an intelligent interconnected ecosystem for your production environment.

In line with Industry 4.0 goals for automation and process control, Europlacer’s hardware and software solutions work and communicate seamlessly to deliver outstanding productivity and adaptability.

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