CFX Pick & Place Accreditation Race Won

Categories: NewsBy Published On: March 29, 2021

The unique differentiation of the IPC Connected Factory Exchange (CFX), is the plug and play ability. It has never been easier to connect your Europlacer pick and place machines into lines that feature multiple other technologies that are satisfied from different vendors.

CFX plug and play also applies to the multitude of applications that create benefit from the exchange and contextualization of data, including our IIoT-based MES solution, Aegis FactoryLogix. With CFX, time to value (ROI) for Smart, Industry 4.0 manufacturing is as easy as connecting the LAN cable.

A whole new world of live execution dashboards, active quality management, lean material management, full material and process traceability, adaptive planning, automated routing, closed-loop continuous improvements etc. await, driving and enabling agility in manufacturing, without the burden of investment in middleware and complex system integration.

Industry 4.0 benefits are achievable for all companies, regardless of size and industry sector.

Europlacer continues to play a key role in the development of CFX, being members of the CFX A-Team, that regularly meet to discuss and implement the next steps of CFX development. Showing leadership through example, Europlacer has been the very first pick and place manufacturer to achieve full CFX accreditation from the IPC, meaning that Europlacer CFX support meets the strict requirements for minimum “out of the box” capability, representing the most important data that SMT manufacturers need.

Congratulations are in order!

As Smart manufacturing technology evolves, CFX needs to set out support for future trends in Smart manufacturing, before they actually happen. New messages in the latest release of CFX are there to inspire the next generation of applications and benefits from IIoT data exchange.

The latest of these six monthly updates is v1.3, which is now available from the IPC bookstore. Each revision of CFX is fully backward compatible, giving flexibility for any CFX deployment.

I have summarized the most significant of the latest additions to CFX in this article, which I hope you will find interesting.

Michael Ford, Aegis Software

Michael is also happy to answer questions related to CFX, Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing. Message us through our contact page if you wish us to pass on a request for information.

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