Transportation Systems Innovator in Poland Receives Landmark 500th iineo Machine

Categories: Press ReleasesBy Published On: June 6, 2019

Transportation Systems Innovator in Poland Receives Landmark 500th iineo Machine.

R&G of Mielec in Poland placed an order with Europlacer through local distributor PAKT Electronics for a second iineo+ pick & place machine, hot on the heels of an iineo+ delivered and installed just a few months earlier. Little did the anyone know at that time, but the machine destined to roll off the production line at Rocheserviere in France this March would be Europlacer’s 500th iineo platform.

R&G chose its first iineo+ to accelerate the build of its latest generations of electronic systems for public-transport network operators. The decision to augment production with a second iineo+ machine was easy, based on the good experience of the first machine and a long history with Europlacer pick & place technology prior to that.

The genesis of the 500th iineo machine was identified early by the Europlacer production teams in France. For most of its build cycle, the eventual recipient was unknown. The various stages of its manufacture were documented on video on the Europlacer website and, eventually, the machine needed to be allocated to a customer order. The R&G order was the next in line for that exact specification of iineo platform.

As the iineo+ machine was delivered and installed in Mielec, a special presentation was made to Miroslaw Checinski, Electronics Production Director at R&G, by Europlacer Regional Sales Manager, Gary Brown. As well as featuring a specially-created ‘500’ badge on its front cover, the new placement system was accompanied by a unique customer service option reserved exclusively for this occasion – a bottle of champagne and a toast to future success.

R&G produces a high-tech product range that includes passenger-information displays, ticketing systems, control panels, announcers, and cash registers supplied to customers throughout Poland and nearby countries including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Azerbaijan. The milestone ‘iineo-500’ machine will further boost productivity for these assemblies by increasing throughput, shortening product changeovers and handling advanced components such as BGAs and 01005 passives.

“We were truly impressed with the excellent flexibility of our first iineo+ machine,” explains R&G’s Adrian Mazur, Electronics Department Manager. “In fact, it was so successful that we had no hesitation in ordering another iineo+. We did not expect this ‘special edition’ celebratory 500th machine but are delighted to receive it from Europlacer. It will further increase our capabilities and help us to achieve even more success in the future.”

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