High Flexibility Screen Printers

Delivering the flexibility needed for the fast set-up and product changeovers demanded by low and medium volume operations working in high-mix environments

FlexibilityAccuracyAutomationInspectionCleaningLong Boards

High Accuracy

SmartCal Technology
30 Second Auto Calibration
Best accuracy, CPK and repeatability.


5 Year Parts Warranty
Long life reliability
Built to last


Highly Flexible Printer
Low change-over time
Friendly User Interface

Service and Maintenance

Refined, robust, design-optimised products built to last.
Low maintenance and operating cost.


Laser Tooling
Auto Dispense (ADu+) Paste / Glue
S-Track Barcode Placement


Closed-loop print head control
Bi-directional board clamping
Laser-guided tooling

Screen Printer


The SP700 series is engineered to deliver streamlined performance at low ownership costs for high, medium and low-volume production applications.


Auto-Dispense Printer


The SP710 delivers streamlined performance at low ownership costs, it incorporates auto-dispense options for media such as paste, or glue.

Screen Printer Options

Screen Printer
Accessories / Options

Printer Extras

We offer a range of accessories to suit our printer offerings.
Our printers can be supplied with a number of optional extras.

Extras …

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Integrated Intelligence
Unparalleled Support
Flexible Solutions

Many manufacturers are now adding intelligent features to their machines – this is too little too late! ‘Bolt-ons’ will not make a machine flexible if it has not been designed to be used that way.

Europlacer’s Integrated Intelligence machines have been designed to be flexible from the outset. All aspects of the architecture have been designed to work together in a changing environment.

This is truly Integrated Intelligence for productivity in day-to-day performance.

Europlacer not only provide machines for SMT lines, we can deliver the complete line solution.

From storage to printing, pick and place to inspection, we have got you covered!

Take a look at our full range of pick and place line solutions.

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Total Line Solutions